"Hackers. We inherently trust no one, including each other. I'll never be able to tell her. There will always be this divide: my wall that she can't look over. And she knows it."

Start proceedings against me would be useless.
Corruption occurs because it is in human nature to take the easy way and gain a personal advantage of all possible means.
Imagine all people live their lives in peace without corruption.

Continue your way, observes the world with your own eyes and then, may be at the end of your journey you will reach a conclusion different from ours. I have 17 years old. I WANT YOU TO HELP A SECURITY. Please think. Our passion is dangerous but thanks to us you grow and protect your servers. I do not backup your data. Please tell you that with us now you can secure your servers. Sue me be stupid. My goal is to help you and make you aware of the importance of securing their site. You can fall on someone's malicious. The future can only exist if it puts his life at stake! Let us complain about our daily woes. So many people are suffering in the world our tears have no real value. Today I have more fear. Happiness I really want to believe. But it's one more day. Disfigurement is not that bad. Do not be silly before taking action, you can destroy the life of a teenager for the simple diffusion of an idea of a message. Think of our families and feel especially secure your server is nothing serious. You will have fallen on someone more malicious than a site defacer. We know that our families are in danger by doing such actions. We have only one life so do things we like. Our passions are dangerous but thanks to people like us you progress. The day when we will stop pirate French tell our parents that we love them, and that's thanks to us that things are progressing, and we are ready to assume our own actions.
"Respect to: Kuroi'SH | Prosox | G0v3rn | Tar7k | Sxtz "